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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

We install, repair, maintain and replace garage door openers

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Garage Door Service

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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door Repair Services

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Sooner or later, one of the garage door parts will break or fail. Damage, especially to the panels, is not uncommon at all. Is there any good news? Most problems are really easy to spot. You can readily notice rust, strange sounds and difficulties with opening the closing. What’s next? You must act quickly to prevent even greater trouble.Garage Door Repair Services in Massachusetts

Broken Spring Replacement

All springs break eventually. This is because they counterbalance the door and get ever weaker with time. When the component is broken, the door will be impossible to open. Any attempts to do this can result in damage and possibly injuries. The replacement process involves removing the old spring and installing the new one. Adjustment is crucial especially for torsion springs. They have to be loaded with an amount of torque matching the weight of the door. The ideal replacement spring should have a long cycle life and sufficiently large wire size. 

Motor Fix

The motor makes grinding noise and the door doesn’t open. This is one of the most common problems with the opener actually. It is the result of a broken moving gear inside the motor unit. The repair involves replacing the gear with a matching one. These components are made from plastic so they are not as durable as the rest of the hardware around them. When the opener is silent, the problem is more serious. If the lights go up, then the issue is not with the wiring or the circuit board, but with the motor itself. Usually, replacement is the only solution.

Wood Panel Repair

It is a fact that wooden garage doors are absolutely beautiful, but they are also prone to damage. Water is the biggest enemy to this material. That is why decay is not uncommon. It is easy to notice the spots with decay as they are darker and softer to touch. The repair involves digging out the damaged wood and filling the holes with specially formulated filler. When the repaired sections are covered with paint, the door will look like new.

Solution for Bent Hinges

This problem is seen quite often because fairly thin hinges are used for big and heavy doors. With special repair techniques, the components can usually be straightened. However, if the hinges are bent almost to the point of breaking, they will require replacement. The ideal spare components will be made from heavy-duty galvanized steel.

Looking for professional garage door repair services? Let our team help you out. We provide emergency assistance in addition to fixing springs, openers and panels by appointment. Our company, Garage Door Repair Melrose, services doors and operators of all types and brands without exception.

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